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Find Balance with Rose Cottage Counselling

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Life can often throw up situations or events which leave us feeling frustrated, angry, scared or upset.

We might find ourselves reaching for things that we hope will make us feel better: food, drink, medication, sex, spending money, to fill the void that feels like is engulfing us.

It's easy to forget that sometimes we all need a little bit of support when we are struggling with relationships or anxious feelings, or have experienced the pain of loss or bereavement.

It can be difficult to talk to others about these issues and some people find the thought of therapy quite daunting.

Counselling can give you the time and space needed to find your way through these feelings and emotions, it can support you to find the path you need to feel strong and empowered.

I maybe won't have all the answers but I might be able to offer a suggestion or three that could be of use to you. Whatever the issues are that you want to work through I am OK sitting with you whilst you work it out. Working together in an open and non-critical way allows you to feel better able to explore your own experiences and make positive change.

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