Client Information

Change Your Life

I offer a free 30 minute consultation for contracting and identifying specific issues, if relevant.

My rates are for 60 minute sessions and are as follows:

Young People (18yrs - 24yrs) - £30

Adults/Older Adults ( 25yrs onwards) - £40

Couples - Individually - £40, Together - £60

For student rates and concessions please phone or email for more info.

Tuesday - Friday

8am - 6pm

Client Therapy Hours

Monday & Wednesday - Pheonix Health and Wellbeing, Leeds face-to-face sessions available here.

Tuesday, Friday & Saturday

Online, Telephone and Walk & Talk Therapy                               evening sessions available if required.

Thursday - Salt Revive, Beverley 

face-to-face sessions available here

evening sessions available if required.

Client Base

Young People (over 18yrs)

Adults/Older Adults